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Paradigm PW800 Wireless Speaker

Dec 09, 2015
With any Paradigm review, I feel compelled to disclose that I own Paradigm equipment. I like their products and I have found their brand to be a reliable measure of quality.
So let’s talk about the PW800, Paradigm’s flagship offering in wireless streaming audio, a category presently dominated

Yamaha YSP-2500

Dec 01, 2015
Don’t call it a sound bar. As the latest of Yamaha’s “Sound Projectors,” the YSP-2500 aims to distinguish itself as something different: a home theater device designed for realistic mimicry of a full-blown, multi-speaker surround sound system. While most sound bars rely solely on digital signal

Arcam Miniblink

Nov 09, 2015
Look, you may be an audiophile, and you may “only” listen to whatever obscure format, and you may house every component in its own Faraday cage, where it is gently fed power generated from the purest mountain brooks. However: AT SOME POINT, YOUR KID, OR YOUR LOVE, IS GOING TO WANT TO WIRELESSLY

Paradigm Mini Monitor

Sep 29, 2015

The Paradigm Monitor 7 series is Paradigm’s introductory un-powered home speaker line. Introductory in Paradigm’s pricing perhaps, but compared to other options; these speakers sound better than “Introductory”.

Paradigm might save a few dollars in their Monitor line by replacing molded


Sonos Play 1

Jun 08, 2015

It seems like everyone wants a simple, compact, do-it-all stereo that uses next-to-no space. Oh, and it should look and sound fantastic too; because why not?

Have you seen the HEOS line? Built by Denon, the HEOS are impressive compact speakers that consistently punch above their weight


Dolby Atmos

Apr 20, 2015

Firstly, a friendly reminder. If you are looking to experience any Dolby format, please remember to set your receiver/amplifier to the appropriate Dolby mode. Many people don't do this, and just assume that the device will figure it out. No it won't. Very few receivers (possibly none)


Paradigm Prestige 85F

Mar 11, 2015

Is there anyone out there who would not love a set of monolithic towers to set you sailing into a hurricane of symphonic perfection? For a long time Paradigm has hit that sweet spot, balancing performance and value. They did this by building the best sounding products possible, but staying